What do we do?

Esnova Racks S.A. is an industrial shelving manufacturer. Our products are suitable for the storage of all kind of products. Light, medium and heavy loads, pallet racking loads, large loads, automated warehouses…

fabricante de estanterías industrialesWe develop and manufacture innovative products to meet our customer storage needs.

· Riveto Shelving System (boltless)

· Wide Span Shelving

· Pallet Racking (Conventional Pallet Racking)

· Drive In (Pallet Racking in depth)

· Shuttle cart

· Cantilever

· Rack clad buildings

· Automated warehouses

· Safety Modular Guards

· Containers

· Metallic Containers

fabricante de estanterías industriales

All of them make a wide range of storage solutions that together with the advice of our technical and sales team will solve your storage problems with high quality at a budget price.