Shelves with high bay aisles

Shelves with high bay aisles

Our products offer the possibility of optimizing vertical space providing storage shelves floors connected by corridors and accessed by a stairs; it is what we call shelves with high bay aisles.

These shelves, depending on the load that have to support may be configured with Riveto system, manual or pallet racking.

Made of painted or pre-galvanized steel, the shelves can be of chipboard or metal just like the floor of the aisles.

Shelves with high bay aisles provide us the ability to double ore ven triple the storage space.

The installation can have various configurations, adapting to user needs and the characteristics of the place where you want to place, therefore, we can find installations with or without space for consolidation of orders, with upper loft, with access the centre of the facility, accessing by the side of the installation, etc.

The areas of the corridors that have no shelves have some metal handrails for the user safety; as well as baseboards to avoid dangerous holes that could cause accident.

The assembly of installation is easy and fast and can make further extensions both in depth and laterally.

As a safety accessory can place a fall protection mesh upper shelves of the facility to prevent accidental dropping of goods to the perimeter aisles.