Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking

It is the suitable system for the storage of palletized loads of multiple references.

This is the most universal and versatile of all the palletized storage systems, thanks to a wide range of products and accessories that facilitate the storage of all types of goods, besides being easy to adapt to any model of forklift.

This system is characterized for being selective, so it allows immediate access to all the load units, reason why it provides the warehouse stock control (each hole in the shelf is a pallet).

Conventional pallet racking is suitable to the needs of storage and can have double bottom installation, allowing steps through the site, etc.

This is the ideal storage system for loading pallets of multiple references, adapting to the type of store merchandise such as pallets of different sizes, containers, drums, etc.

Due to its modular system, assembly is quick and easy as well as replacing parts and all kind of extensions.

This system has a great number of accessories, which all notably improve the quality of the installation, its capacity and safety.

Pallet Racking

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