Drive In

Drive In

This storage system is designed to store in depth a large number of loading units of the same reference.

The installation consists of a number of lanes where forklift trucks can go in and rails at different heights are arranged to store pallets.

This compact system provides high density storage, making it ideal to get the maximum performance in your warehouse.

The Drive in design allows maximizing the height and space thanks to the significant reduction of working aisles against a conventional pallet racking system.

There are two options:

· Drive In: Load input and output is made from one end of the installation (LIFO).

· Drive Through: Load input and output can be made at both ends of the system (FIFO).

This storage system is great for storing non-perishable goods, as it is designed to host a large number of pallets of the same reference.

The lanes have guides for the forklifts entry and exit, avoiding collisions and accidental impacts that could damage the integrity of the installation.


Its main feature is the huge storage space use, reaching 85% of the available area.