Warehouse system designed for long or high volume loads.

It consists of central columns where bolted cantilever arms are supporting the loads.

The loads stored with this system, in despite of their length, have several support points, reinforcing the load stability and avoiding undesirable load displacements or deformations.

The central columns are joined together by a bracing system which provides high resistance to this kind of installation.

The arms can be placed at different levels adapting the desired height to the storage needs. A safety pin can be placed at the end of each arm to prevent accidental loading drops.

The arms set up may be on one side of the central columns or on both sides.

Manufactured in steel and depending on the load to be supported we offer two types of cantilever:

· Light Duty Cantilever

· Heavy Duty Cantilever

Light duty cantilever consists of tubular profiles without any weldings, making easier handling and transportation while a lower cost is achieved.

Heavy duty cantilever is designed to support high loads.

The assembly is simple and fast.

This type of system is ideal for storing wood strips, boards, pipes or tubes in any material, profiles, etc…


Shelves designed to store long or big volume loading units. The cantilever arms are bolted or welded to the frame profiles.