Automated Warehouses

Automated Storage Systems

Warehouses for high load capacity with automated processes.

Automated warehouses serve to optimize the warehouse management for thousands of pallets, maximizing storage space and avoiding forklift traffic through the warehouse aisles, since the palletized goods are handled through the installation by a completely automated shuttle.

Esnova Racks provides to the market a high density AS/RS that allows, among others features, up to 60% more capacity in automated warehouses than in any other systems in the market. This system success lies in the use of a very small number of aisles compared to other similar solutions.

This system consists of small AS / RS machines (shuttle carts) that simultaneously, and independently-, load the pallets in different locations controlled by a management software.

Maintenance is simple and economic and component breakdowns minimally affect to the performance of the entire system.

The main advantages of automated warehouses are:

· Maximum control of stocks.

· Faster order picking.

· More effective management of incoming and outgoing goods.

These advantages bring higher savings, ensuring the optimization of all warehouse management processes.

Automated Storage Systems

Manage your warehouse on an automated way and optimize the storage, the picking processes and the shipping of your goods.